Friday, 3 October 2014

chapter 4-The moment i fell for her.

I love new year's.It's January one,2013.This was the day,i really fell for her unknowingly.A beautiful morning in the college.It was a usual day in college.Everyone was enjoying the free days after the semester examinations.
I was coming down the staircase to the classes in a rush.I didn't even notice a bunch of girls coming around the corner.All i was thinking was about that pretty girl who melted my mind;and if i were 5 secs faster,i would have knocked her down.I suddenly moved sideways to avoid a collision.She was wandering the college veranda with her friends.I said "sorry" and she smiled.The first smile of the year
                                     Some girls don't know the power of their smiles.With this one ,i was tranquilized and i zinged.I looked back to see her again.She was playfully watching the guy who said "sorry".Why should girls have all the fun...I smiled back.She seems happy.

She was a beauty that day.She was wearing a yellow churidar with white lining,an off white sandal and a small watch matching her skinny wrists.Her eyes were a beauty,outlined with black kajal.She also had a yellow chandana Kuri on her forehead,which reflected the beauty of a traditional kerala girl and also my dreams...

It's that when you look into the eyes of a person,even if it is astranger;we can know if that person will be part of our lives.I was in a beautiful feeling,no one can buy that moment.It needs to be earned,This was the moment i really felled for her.She swept me off the feet.It was a particular feeling that i never tasted before.Or i never will...