Thursday, 25 September 2014

chapter 3-The smile

I was  very font of faces.My favorite hobby is to watch the faces of other people.It's little awkward for a hobby.But i like it.If you ask anyone about their hobby.they will probably reply with reading,music or cricket.whatever it may be,it's usual that they follow some hereditary hobbies.In my opinion hobbies make a man ,complete.
While i was searching and sorting all the beautiful faces in that hall and was trying hard to never miss one.I was struct by a beautiful one,and i smiled.It took only a second,it reflected.I was patronized,like every men of my age.It was her dream girl.
                             I stood motionless for a moment.It was a beautiful moment that no words can explain and no poet can improvise hoooo.... . I poked my friend Melvin to get an opinion about this girl.But he was not only listening to me but also smiling back to my girl.Melvin is the lead base guitarist of the college western band-'Ramiels'.He told me that he know this girl.She was shortlisted in the audition of the band-Western Music.She was smiling at him.Whatever,she smiled.That was of course my second weakness.smiles.I already told you,main thread of this love story are the smiles .
And it carves my soul out.