Sunday, 31 May 2015

Chapter-7-The exitement

Well i have to move on.I got an offer to work with a company with job security, and,finally one dream after the other is occurring by.I have to join by next month in their regional office.I'm pretty much exited about the new places that i have to travel.It feels so good to take a change from my linear life.I think it w'll be adventurous.I'm exited about the new formal dress i should were and also about new friends that i w'll earn.I'm wearing a tie officially after my school and i'm afraid it w'll look awful.

In order to move to a new place,first we have to forget about the past.And what if the past keeps taunting you through your dreams.The future  is always beautiful if you look through the past,right through it.Since my past was a little crampy i cannot look through it.I tried....a million times.But i can't forget her.Her fetish eyes,small milk tooth,evergreen smile and her lovely heart.Forgetting a girl is not simple as loving one.First i tried not to remember her for few seconds,then minutes,days,weeks and months.Now it's been over two years.All alone but never lonely.Then suddenly one Saturday morning dream, someone kisses you in the lips and gives you a tight hug with some tears sliding down, rewinding all your memory about love.It made me realize how much i loved her and how much she is important to me at this point of life,even though she doesn't recognizes it.Oh God....what should i do ?.Now i'm like trapped in an island without even knowing to swim.Either i have to learn swimming or i'll have to learn staying  in the island of mystery.Let us dream the impossible dream...

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Chapter-6-Life is still life

Love's not simple as it thinks.It's very much complicated.But also seems very simple at some times.My college days are long gone.All the exams have been survived.But still there is a magical bond between the college.No words can ever imagine it's relevance.

Possibility of a true love story is long gone.But remembering those days make my happiest memories in life.Make me feel nourished and alive.But there is a face which i search in every corner of the world i look.How can i forget the face who filled my hidden heart with smile ?.
I let her go;let her fly high.Loving is simple.....then what's your plan after that.It's not at all the responsibility of commitment.What if she is not the right match for me.Well i don't really know about that.As quoted by the unknown 

If you love something... Let it go...
If it comes back to you...Then it's yours
If doesn't...It never was... 
I wonder if she is awake all the night,thinking about me,just like i do.I wonder if she smiles like me remembering the golden days.I wonder if her heart pounds each time when she sings a melody.Maybe she is...or rethinking ,Why Should She?Maybe we all don't feel the same.Even when we pretend to be happy,it hurts.I have been waiting for her with a beautiful heart and still if she don't recognize it, then maybe it wasn't meant for her.Meant for a companion to grow old with.Life is still life and there are retakes.Maybe one day ,she w'll come into my life as rain to dissolve all the tears that prayed for me.And before i quit,i'll have to try...because the best offers of life does not last long.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Chapter-5-The day before the valentine's day

I met her finally....after a long drama of silence between us.We accidently had to meet for some other reasons.I found her in the corridor.She has changed.A lot....People change as they live,more prettier than always.My feelings for her were buried deep in my mind.My dreams changed.My hopes changed.But the girl who carved my soul still remained in my mind.I never opened the chest of feelings,because i know...if i did,i would have locked down myself in her heart were the key remains with her,which she didn't know;fingures crossed.I told u i'm doing my graduation.I'm planning to go to chennai,as a part of my studies.For that i have to try hard,harder than i thought.She came everyday in my dreams and gave the nostalgic feeling,not to go away from her.that's why i'm not talking to her anymore...

Today i met her accidently.After the usuall talks,i looked at her eyes "It were so intense that I want to look away . . . or never look away, I can’t decide".It's all upto her.I thought she never loved me anymore.I was wrong.She did.After a few minutes,her friends googled us from the staircase.I saw her and myself ,like in a mirror from the naughty smile which her friend gave away when she saw us both,talking,surprisingly happy.That's what a good friend look like.Thankyou friend.

Sunday, 26 October 2014


Day after day she painted my dreams.My dreams to love.My dreams to live.....
She planted some sort of magical seed in my heart.And i'm very far to be bloomed.Days and weeks passed by.Smiles and happiness were communicated;nothing else.I remember we had a few but brief  virtual Facebook chats and also some real chats...
Chatting was a little bit like a monastery.But it helped to know her better.

but now....................................................

Friday, 3 October 2014

chapter 4-The moment i fell for her.

I love new year's.It's January one,2013.This was the day,i really fell for her unknowingly.A beautiful morning in the college.It was a usual day in college.Everyone was enjoying the free days after the semester examinations.
I was coming down the staircase to the classes in a rush.I didn't even notice a bunch of girls coming around the corner.All i was thinking was about that pretty girl who melted my mind;and if i were 5 secs faster,i would have knocked her down.I suddenly moved sideways to avoid a collision.She was wandering the college veranda with her friends.I said "sorry" and she smiled.The first smile of the year
                                     Some girls don't know the power of their smiles.With this one ,i was tranquilized and i zinged.I looked back to see her again.She was playfully watching the guy who said "sorry".Why should girls have all the fun...I smiled back.She seems happy.

She was a beauty that day.She was wearing a yellow churidar with white lining,an off white sandal and a small watch matching her skinny wrists.Her eyes were a beauty,outlined with black kajal.She also had a yellow chandana Kuri on her forehead,which reflected the beauty of a traditional kerala girl and also my dreams...

It's that when you look into the eyes of a person,even if it is astranger;we can know if that person will be part of our lives.I was in a beautiful feeling,no one can buy that moment.It needs to be earned,This was the moment i really felled for her.She swept me off the feet.It was a particular feeling that i never tasted before.Or i never will... 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

chapter 3-The smile

I was  very font of faces.My favorite hobby is to watch the faces of other people.It's little awkward for a hobby.But i like it.If you ask anyone about their hobby.they will probably reply with reading,music or cricket.whatever it may be,it's usual that they follow some hereditary hobbies.In my opinion hobbies make a man ,complete.
While i was searching and sorting all the beautiful faces in that hall and was trying hard to never miss one.I was struct by a beautiful one,and i smiled.It took only a second,it reflected.I was patronized,like every men of my age.It was her dream girl.
                             I stood motionless for a moment.It was a beautiful moment that no words can explain and no poet can improvise hoooo.... . I poked my friend Melvin to get an opinion about this girl.But he was not only listening to me but also smiling back to my girl.Melvin is the lead base guitarist of the college western band-'Ramiels'.He told me that he know this girl.She was shortlisted in the audition of the band-Western Music.She was smiling at him.Whatever,she smiled.That was of course my second weakness.smiles.I already told you,main thread of this love story are the smiles .
And it carves my soul out.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

chapter 3-Textiles

As a part of srishti we went for a meeting with Mr.Kalyanaraman,an entrepreneur and owner of Kalyan silks.Yadhu is the finance coordinator of Srishti.Along with him, Melvin,Syam,Saji and myself jumped in for this meeting.It was our first business meeting and we were all tensed.It does not went as we planned.Kalyanaraman didn't show up because of his busy schedule.So we started with their public relations officer,in a small office cabin.Kalyan silks was one of the famous textiles in Thrissur,which has the greatest selection for new fashion.
                                        Thrissur is also known as the educational capital of Kerala.And it was the time of college reopening.And a busy climate for the textilers.There were so many customers going in and out.They came in with credit cards and went out with thanks cards.The unique technique used by the son's and daughter's of Thrissur are:if they get both their father and his credit card near a trusted textile area,they will purchase clothing for a year;even that is minimum.While we look at the billing area,the scenario is a little bit hilarious.After a family purchase,we can see the one with the credit cards in a long queue to pay the bill.Every 20 seconds he gets bored and looks towards his family in the waiting area.The hereditary grandma's can be seen irittated by the crowd.The so called Wife's w'll be sitting proud that if his husband is paying the money to fund ISRO for a rocket launch.
                                                          The son's w'll be watching daughter's of other parents and giving them a matured smile every time they look.And finally the daugter's w'll be cooking their brains,how to show off in the college,wearing this new dresses.
(to be continued)

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Chapter-3,Srishti,the second reason

Whenever i hear the word 'srishti' i felt proud of myself.Srishti is the annual techno-cultural fest of the cs department,St Thomas' College.I still can't believe we organized a 3 lakh fundraising program of our own;with my 33 friends.Fundraising was a tough job.Even when we used all our personal and political connections to make some money,we were still short of 1.25 lakh.Then we came up with the idea of marketing the entrepreneurs in Thrissur.We implemented new marketing strategies,financial techniques.....etc.Having heard about the 'srishti',we got invitations for donations and sponsorship meetings from the entrepreneur's of thrissur.(to be continued)

Monday, 8 September 2014


I don't know how it happened.I am in love.To me love was only the language of films and novels.It never got into my nerves.It was like i never realized the craziness a single word can mean in my life.

             It all started in my college.The month of July.The college was filled with freshers.Since the first year admissions are late this year,we had to wait a month for all the beautiful freshers to arrive.We were enjoying,the ecstasy of a life time.

The truth is that,there will be only one or two beautiful lads in each batch,Which we the cs'ians call them-'public figures'.Nothing was comparable to their beauty.And watching the beauty was an art,which can only acquired through practicing.She was one of them,but just a college girl to me.
I saw her in the college office for the first time,smiling all around.Talking about the smile,i love it.This whole love story is based on some smiles.She has her own way to smile.Whenever she struck on an idea,it reflected in her smile.If she is happy,she smiles and if she had the slightest possibility of unhappiness,her lips cried out of despair.It reflects her personality. 
(to be continued...)

Sunday, 7 September 2014

chapter 1-Suicide

Have you heard about the stupid people who wants to suicide because of a silly love failure.Well i'm one of them.Infact its not even a failure,it never even started beautifully.It's my first love.I didn't know it bear so much happiness and excruciating pain...             I don't know why i am doing this,but i am.Looking downwards from the suicide point,Nelliyampathi.There's little bit of time left for suicide.It's a beautiful morning in nelliyampathi.All the trees are shaking their branches from the fog.No sunrise was ever beautiful in my life.I,smiled.It was a powerful smile.Two years of happiness and pain in one single smile...     "I don't know what i am doing,but i wish   if there is a girl to call me back..."

First Post

Hello,I'm Deepak.i want to be a software engineer.But moreover i am a writer;i think so,or i want to be one.This blog is a practice page for me.I want every one to support me.

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