Thursday, 12 February 2015

Chapter-5-The day before the valentine's day

I met her finally....after a long drama of silence between us.We accidently had to meet for some other reasons.I found her in the corridor.She has changed.A lot....People change as they live,more prettier than always.My feelings for her were buried deep in my mind.My dreams changed.My hopes changed.But the girl who carved my soul still remained in my mind.I never opened the chest of feelings,because i know...if i did,i would have locked down myself in her heart were the key remains with her,which she didn't know;fingures crossed.I told u i'm doing my graduation.I'm planning to go to chennai,as a part of my studies.For that i have to try hard,harder than i thought.She came everyday in my dreams and gave the nostalgic feeling,not to go away from her.that's why i'm not talking to her anymore...

Today i met her accidently.After the usuall talks,i looked at her eyes "It were so intense that I want to look away . . . or never look away, I can’t decide".It's all upto her.I thought she never loved me anymore.I was wrong.She did.After a few minutes,her friends googled us from the staircase.I saw her and myself ,like in a mirror from the naughty smile which her friend gave away when she saw us both,talking,surprisingly happy.That's what a good friend look like.Thankyou friend.