Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Chapter-6-Life is still life

Love's not simple as it thinks.It's very much complicated.But also seems very simple at some times.My college days are long gone.All the exams have been survived.But still there is a magical bond between the college.No words can ever imagine it's relevance.

Possibility of a true love story is long gone.But remembering those days make my happiest memories in life.Make me feel nourished and alive.But there is a face which i search in every corner of the world i look.How can i forget the face who filled my hidden heart with smile ?.
I let her go;let her fly high.Loving is simple.....then what's your plan after that.It's not at all the responsibility of commitment.What if she is not the right match for me.Well i don't really know about that.As quoted by the unknown 

If you love something... Let it go...
If it comes back to you...Then it's yours
If doesn't...It never was... 
I wonder if she is awake all the night,thinking about me,just like i do.I wonder if she smiles like me remembering the golden days.I wonder if her heart pounds each time when she sings a melody.Maybe she is...or rethinking ,Why Should She?Maybe we all don't feel the same.Even when we pretend to be happy,it hurts.I have been waiting for her with a beautiful heart and still if she don't recognize it, then maybe it wasn't meant for her.Meant for a companion to grow old with.Life is still life and there are retakes.Maybe one day ,she w'll come into my life as rain to dissolve all the tears that prayed for me.And before i quit,i'll have to try...because the best offers of life does not last long.