Sunday, 31 May 2015

Chapter-7-The exitement

Well i have to move on.I got an offer to work with a company with job security, and,finally one dream after the other is occurring by.I have to join by next month in their regional office.I'm pretty much exited about the new places that i have to travel.It feels so good to take a change from my linear life.I think it w'll be adventurous.I'm exited about the new formal dress i should were and also about new friends that i w'll earn.I'm wearing a tie officially after my school and i'm afraid it w'll look awful.

In order to move to a new place,first we have to forget about the past.And what if the past keeps taunting you through your dreams.The future  is always beautiful if you look through the past,right through it.Since my past was a little crampy i cannot look through it.I tried....a million times.But i can't forget her.Her fetish eyes,small milk tooth,evergreen smile and her lovely heart.Forgetting a girl is not simple as loving one.First i tried not to remember her for few seconds,then minutes,days,weeks and months.Now it's been over two years.All alone but never lonely.Then suddenly one Saturday morning dream, someone kisses you in the lips and gives you a tight hug with some tears sliding down, rewinding all your memory about love.It made me realize how much i loved her and how much she is important to me at this point of life,even though she doesn't recognizes it.Oh God....what should i do ?.Now i'm like trapped in an island without even knowing to swim.Either i have to learn swimming or i'll have to learn staying  in the island of mystery.Let us dream the impossible dream...