Monday, 8 September 2014


I don't know how it happened.I am in love.To me love was only the language of films and novels.It never got into my nerves.It was like i never realized the craziness a single word can mean in my life.

             It all started in my college.The month of July.The college was filled with freshers.Since the first year admissions are late this year,we had to wait a month for all the beautiful freshers to arrive.We were enjoying,the ecstasy of a life time.

The truth is that,there will be only one or two beautiful lads in each batch,Which we the cs'ians call them-'public figures'.Nothing was comparable to their beauty.And watching the beauty was an art,which can only acquired through practicing.She was one of them,but just a college girl to me.
I saw her in the college office for the first time,smiling all around.Talking about the smile,i love it.This whole love story is based on some smiles.She has her own way to smile.Whenever she struck on an idea,it reflected in her smile.If she is happy,she smiles and if she had the slightest possibility of unhappiness,her lips cried out of despair.It reflects her personality. 
(to be continued...)