Tuesday, 23 September 2014

chapter 3-Textiles

As a part of srishti we went for a meeting with Mr.Kalyanaraman,an entrepreneur and owner of Kalyan silks.Yadhu is the finance coordinator of Srishti.Along with him, Melvin,Syam,Saji and myself jumped in for this meeting.It was our first business meeting and we were all tensed.It does not went as we planned.Kalyanaraman didn't show up because of his busy schedule.So we started with their public relations officer,in a small office cabin.Kalyan silks was one of the famous textiles in Thrissur,which has the greatest selection for new fashion.
                                        Thrissur is also known as the educational capital of Kerala.And it was the time of college reopening.And a busy climate for the textilers.There were so many customers going in and out.They came in with credit cards and went out with thanks cards.The unique technique used by the son's and daughter's of Thrissur are:if they get both their father and his credit card near a trusted textile area,they will purchase clothing for a year;even that is minimum.While we look at the billing area,the scenario is a little bit hilarious.After a family purchase,we can see the one with the credit cards in a long queue to pay the bill.Every 20 seconds he gets bored and looks towards his family in the waiting area.The hereditary grandma's can be seen irittated by the crowd.The so called Wife's w'll be sitting proud that if his husband is paying the money to fund ISRO for a rocket launch.
                                                          The son's w'll be watching daughter's of other parents and giving them a matured smile every time they look.And finally the daugter's w'll be cooking their brains,how to show off in the college,wearing this new dresses.
(to be continued)