Sunday, 7 September 2014

chapter 1-Suicide

Have you heard about the stupid people who wants to suicide because of a silly love failure.Well i'm one of them.Infact its not even a failure,it never even started beautifully.It's my first love.I didn't know it bear so much happiness and excruciating pain...             I don't know why i am doing this,but i am.Looking downwards from the suicide point,Nelliyampathi.There's little bit of time left for suicide.It's a beautiful morning in nelliyampathi.All the trees are shaking their branches from the fog.No sunrise was ever beautiful in my life.I,smiled.It was a powerful smile.Two years of happiness and pain in one single smile...     "I don't know what i am doing,but i wish   if there is a girl to call me back..."